What I Learned Tonight about Dr. Jill Stein, Vol One.


I will be adding to this, but I need it as a reference for now.  A friend on Twitter asked me a few questions and I was actually interested, so I did some research.  If there are any typos, I’ll address my haste to get this out there later on…:)

Has Dr. Jill Stein ever held office?


Town of Lexington Town Meeting Representative, 2005 and 2008 Lexington, Massachusetts has a town meeting-style government. Stein was elected to the Town Meeting Seat, Precinct 2 (Lexington, Massachusetts) in March 2005 local elections. She finished first of 16 candidates running for seven seats, receiving 539 votes, for 20.6% of the total vote. Stein was re-elected in 2008, finishing second of 13 vying for eight seats.

All politics is local. Yes, Dr. Stein has held office.


Has Dr. Jill Stein showed she can work in the system?

Yes. If we have any firmly entrenched “systems” in our country, I assure you they are within healthcare. I say that as a former subject matter expert on HIPAA and PP/ACA (specifically ANSI X12 EDI, privacy, security) within the payor community.

Since 1998, she has served on the Greater Boston board of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Under Stein, the Greater Boston chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility partnered with Boston University’s Superfund Research Program as part of BUSRP’s Community Outreach Core and became a key member of the Environmental Health Nursing Education Collaborative.[34] In 2003, Stein co-founded and served as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, a non-profit organization that addressed a variety of issues important to the health and well-being of Massachusetts communities, including health care, local green economies, and grassroots democracy.

All of this is political experience, it may not be within your area of expertise, but it’s certainly political in nature.


Has Dr. Stein ever done anything?

We’ll leave out the Magna Cum Laude at Harvard stuff for the moment…:)

But to answer your question, yes. I really had no idea this stuff had happened. I am so thankful you needed me to do some research tonight!

In 1998, she helped campaign for the Clean Elections Law in Massachusetts. The law was later repealed by a Democratic majority legislature, leading Stein to leave the Democratic party for good and join the Green Party. Stein was one of several activists involved with the Clean Elections Law to file a complaint in the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County in 2002 against William F. Galvin, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, over the state’s failure to successfully implement the law. Stein has also served on the board of MassVoters for Fair Elections and has campaigned for implementing instant runoff voting in Massachusetts.

OMG – seriously, thank you. One of the most important things in our nation at the moment is cleaning up our electoral mess. I have very little in common with any political party due to this – it’s why I’m an independent conservative. This brave and courageous woman apparently has worked so successfully within the system, that from what I can see, the system itself spit her out – probably due to the courage of her convictions. Every thing I find out about Dr. Stein is changing my mind about politics. Thank you so much for playing a part in my transformation and awakening! Have a great night!

My source for the above is Wikipedia (I hate using Wikipedia as a source…but I needed to find some stuff out fast and get it out there since so many people are asking these questions.

What a pleasure to introduce this woman to some of my friends.