A New Series from Akula51.Net: FTF (Follow These Friends)

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I am making all sorts of amazing connections in our rapidly changing 21st Century. I have learned more since I started writing again than I probably have in the last decade and a half…it’s really amazing that one needs to listen much more effectively in order to communicate both verbally and of course using the written word.  I need to introduce my readers to a few of them…because these folks have amazing stories that we need to fully comprehend so that we can actually address some of the bigger challenges facing our world.

Welcome to “FTF”

I am going to be doing short introductions for a few folks – I’m going to try to crank one of these out a day for the next couple weeks…because like I said, I’ve met some really interesting and amazing people recently. I really think you should get to know a few of them too.  I started doing this on Facebook, but thankfully came to my senses and realized that this stuff belongs here more than there – after all everything I post and we discuss here goes there and quite a few other places.  No sense letting Zuckerberg Data Mining Inc. have exclusive rights to distribute our content after all.

Hang on, don’t feed the bears, and please enjoy the ride…:)

Our first one will be up pretty quickly since I originally wrote it on Facebook.