What is Worse Than a Concession? An Endorsement of Evil.

I have always maintained that (today’s distorted version of) liberalism is a mental disorder…or perhaps better termed as a “developmental disorder”. This certainly does not apply to what folks would term a “classic liberal”. Obviously, some force or forces have deliberately altered the language to make black now white and what was white now black. Another great example is the term “progressive”, which in my experience is generally anything but.

Reacting to every single stimulus in your universe emotionally, without logic or reason whatsoever – this is just not adult behavior, but it’s the hallmark of today’s “liberal”. Countless times, I encounter folks who describe themselves as “liberal” or “progressive”, and the minute facts are introduced into a conversation, the fingers go in their ears, name-calling begins, their minds close, and I’m subjected to a modern version of “nanny nanny boo-boo” – iterated with hate and seething rage from a child trapped in an adult body. I know many of my conservative friends deal with the same things constantly.

Jake and Ellwood Blues
EB: Illinois Nazis.
JB: I hate Illinois Nazis.

Is it the “progressive’s” fault? No. That’s why I personally don’t hate any “other sides” in politics. I’m an independent, after all – practically everyone is on some “other side” to me. Well, I can’t forget the Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis too.

I think environment has a huge part in this transformation from child to adult baby that requires protection from all scary things by a nanny state. Some of it may be hereditary, a lot of it certainly has roots in childhood and/or is instilled within our schools and colleges.

The last day or two has been a hilarious period of observation. Rabid fans of one candidate all have had their lives turned upside down in the last few days. I’m sorry, but as someone who saw through Senator Sanders’ bullshit years ago, it has certainly been somewhat humorous. I grew up within close proximity to the DC Beltway. I worked a stone’s throw from K Street. I’ve stumbled out of strip clubs at lunch (hey, they had free food, and I was much younger then…lol) as the limos with House of Representatives and Diplomatic plates pulled up and discharged people I saw on TV frequently. In short, I have an inkling as to how all of that delicious pork sausage is made on the Hill.

There is so much yet to be revealed…

Watching these poor brainwashed souls retreat to their echo chambers, and emerge today convinced that this was the right thing for Senator Sanders to do…that’s when it all goes from humorous to sad for me. The name-calling is back, the minds are again closed, and dialogue has effectively ceased. This man was leading some sort of “revolution” or something…and had certainly convinced his supporters it was a just cause. Hell, half the time, I at least agreed he was sincerely trying to change things (albeit definitely in the wrong direction according to both common sense and that pesky U.S. Constitution).

I played Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager (yeah, I’m old). I can’t imagine or remember a situation where a character back then randomly flipped from…oh, let’s say “chaotic neutral” to “lawful evil” for a few gold pieces.

And that’s just what happened the other day.

Why do I even mention any of this? How is it all tied together?

This latest planned event…my friends…it is just not adult behavior.


The plan: feed beans to Democratic National Convention delegates for Bernie Sanders, and send them into the Philadelphia convention hall to show what they think of the former secretary of state.

Sanders-supporting organizers of the odious protest also are unswayed by the Vermont senator’s Tuesday endorsement of Clinton and will push ahead.

Source:  US News and World Report

This is certainly the sort of thing that makes America the laughingstock of the entire world.

I hope they have fun in Philly. Adults will be here to pick up the pieces afterwards as usual.

Note:  I’m really not making this one up.

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