It was over before it started, alas…

RIP, (2016-2016)

So, I haven’t been as involved this year with battery wraps as I had planned. We were planning on launching this year and featuring a ton of ready-to-go wraps…plus all of the custom wraps we’ve done for folks as well. At some point, instead of plowing forward as I usually do, I started looking back and reading some of my feedback…lol I’m not one to listen to one or two voices in a sea of happy customers, but some of those messages sadly found their mark, hit home and started to change my mind.  Not about what I was doing, but more about our “community” in general.

I’ve literally been told by a few folks that I was (in effect) “trying to get rich off the backs of vapers”…for selling four custom printed 18650 wraps with PVC for (get this) $6, shipped. It does seem like pretty exorbitant pricing for some paper and plastic, right?

I mean – wow, I don’t even use a USPS priority box…it was just a cardboard mailer. Sometimes, First Class postage only got those to their destination in 4-5 days, perish the thought. I had one problem the entire time I was making wraps (this was a total loss to someone outside CONUS and of course was easily replaced). At least nothing was ever mangled by this substandard shipping…whew.

The scissors that changed it all...
The scissors that changed it all… /

The 15-30 minutes of clicking in illustrator to get everything laid out correctly…must be free. The time to cut the PVC…must be free. The time to cut the wraps themselves (yeah, every single wrap I did [literally thousands] was hand-cut, individually)…must be free. USPS? Yeah, I guess those accusatory folks forgot that $1 that comes off the top of every order (considering the $0.20 the cardboard mailer cost plus the postage, plus a couple cents for the two printed labels that went on each mailer). The special paper I selected, the several reams I bought finding it and the hours spent testing? Must have all come from the free money tree. I think the box for the new color laser I snapped up to make a better product was made out of fibers from that very tree. I hope the fruit from that tree is Arthritis Pain Formula. I never did get around to replacing those scissors…lol

I was doing it because I thought it was a cool way to get involved. And it was. I saw other folks take my productized ideas (which honestly weren’t very new ideas, we just turned them into a product and tried to get it in a lot of folks’ hands so that more people could enjoy them). I have a plethora of incredibly awesome photos of very happy customers showing off our work on their behalf. Nothing makes me happier…and thankfully no negative feedback will wipe out those smiles I wore every time I saw a handcheck with our wraps.

CustomBatteryWrapQuickSo, at the end of the day, there’s just a lot going on here (I’m around 34376 reviews behind, and honestly getting this off my chest was preventing me from finalizing a lot of reviews that are in the queue due to how I felt) and we’ve launched a whole new business as well you may or may not have heard about. Due to that, I’ve pretty much decided to just quit retail wrap sales…sigh. To the loyal retail custoemrs who ordered from us (some several times) – if you need more, hit me up. We can try to figure something out, or if you’re really sharp with Illustrator and/or Photoshop, you definitely have a path forward and I can get you some source files…lol

Wholesalers, we’re going to be more than happy to lay out your wraps and get them to your printer. I can let them know the right paper for the job and get them whatever file formats they need to make it work, etc. I can happily put you in touch with my contacts in China where you can get the several-football-field-sized rolls of 18650 and 26650 PVC that we were acquiring.

Akula51.Net isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and you can expect some incredibly exciting news to come out of Kazati Design Bureau every week going forward.  Chalk this one up to “Meh”. We’ll all collectively shrug and keep plowing forward together.

Happy Vaping!