Free Vape Advice, Episode V: The Spice Rack Strikes Back

The Humble Spice Rack: An excellent force multiplier for your vaping storage needs
March 12, 2016

My wife’s a genius. While out cruising for bargains at estate sales and in shops that specialize in “gently used” goods, she started collecting spice racks.  And then thought maybe I could use one or two. Wow.  Whether it’s in my closet where I store some of my juice, or behind my door where I store my DIY supplies…this is an amazing and incredibly cheap way to store juices.  They’re…


It was over before it started, alas…

March 10, 2016

So, I haven’t been as involved this year with battery wraps as I had planned. We were planning on launching this year and featuring a ton of ready-to-go wraps…plus all of the custom wraps we’ve done for folks as well. At some point, instead of plowing forward as I usually do, I started looking back and reading some of my feedback…lol I’m not one to listen to one or…