What is a parallel boxmod?

Fractured Jaw from Modz By Nasy, Dual 18650 Parallel
A Fractured Jaw from Modz By Nasy, Dual 18650 Parallel Configuration

I see this question a lot.  2015 was certainly the year of the boxmod, as predicted by many in 2014.  Boxmods come in two main battery configurations when there is more than one battery – these are referred to as “series” and “parallel”.  When you call a box mod “parallel”, it’s really this battery configuration you’re talking about.

Most of the time, when folks are referring to series and parallel, they are talking about unregulated (sometimes called “mech” or “mechanical”) box mods, generally with two or three 18xx0 or 26650 batteries – that’s what this short post discusses (regulated vs. unregulated will be discussed elsewhere).

Double or Triple the Capacity

In an unregulated parallel boxmod, two or more batteries are wired in such a manner that they are both contributing more or less equally to the electricity flowing across the circuit.  In effect, the capacity of a single battery has effectively been doubled or tripled, without changing the voltage that the batteries are delivering.

This is very much like adding a second gas tank to your car – your engine is going to continue consuming fuel at the same rate if you’re driving the same way – you’re just going to be able to go twice as far.  That’s one of the best things you get with a parallel boxmod.

Splitting Amp Load over Two or Three Cells

At the same time you experience the increase in capacity, you also have two batteries sharing the continuous amp drain from the circuit that your RBA and mod’s switch are completing.  If you’re using a reliable 20A 18650 cell like the LG HG2, having two of them in parallel means you can safely vape much higher than 20A without damaging the cells…very close to 2 times the amp drain of one cell is available in this configuration.  Two 20A cells are now safely capable of handling 30+A (close to 40A) continuous drain.

Custom Battery Wraps
A Triple 18650 Parallel Nasy Box from Modz by Nasy

This often means that instead of our example person with two gas tanks driving their car the same way, they say “what the heck, I can accelerate quicker and drive faster on the highway, I don’t care about MPG anymore – did you see my second tank???”  In vaping, folks wind up building much lower resistance coils and taking advantage of the split drain across both batteries…which means that their battery life may not be quite as massive since they’re drawing a lot more juice out of the cells at 0.10 ohms than they were at 0.5 ohms previously.

With a triple parallel 18650 boxmod, a subohm tank like the Goliath V2 or Zephyrus V2 using 0.5 ohm coil heads, and three LG HG2s, you’re working with 9000 mAh – a configuration that can easily last most vapers all day long if not longer.  This was my go-to setup every time I left the house…until I found unregulated PWM…which will be discussed in a future blog post too…:)

Here’s some great information from Mike Kelly over at Box Modders on Facebook

Stay safe and Vape On!