My 20A 18650 Workhorse – The LG HE2 (and its cousin the HE4)

LG HE2 18650 Battery
August 30, 2015

Originally published August 30, 2015 – much of this is still true today.  Some of these HE2s are still going strong.  Everything new is an HG2 as I mention in the closing…lol I have quite a few LG HE2s…disclaimer: I sell sold battery rewraps, so none of them look like HE2s anymore…lol I also have quite a few HE2s that I bought with other manufacturer wraps on them that perform amazingly…


Moon Mountain’s Jax (e-Juice Review)

August 29, 2015

Name:  Jax, 0.6 mg/ml (formerly “Cap’n Jax”) Company:  Moon Mountain Website: Review Device:  Unregulated Series 18650 “Woodie” from BJ Box Mods Review RDA:  El Cabron, from CompVape (SS) Review Coil:  13 wraps of 26g N80 over a 2mm rod (dualed),  0.51 ohms (appx 125W) I was turned on to Moon Mountain by my friend Andrew Jensen (from The Raw Deal program, Thursday nights on TROVE Live), a Tampa-area resident who…


Some thoughts on 18650 Batteries for Vaping…

August 27, 2015

There’s a lot of information out there in the vapesphere about 18650 batteries.  Some of it’s good, some of it is great – some of it is honestly downright useless.  We measure these batteries three different ways – continuous amp draw capabilities (i.e., “20A” or 20 amps), battery capacity (measured in milli-Amp hours, or mAh), and cost.  In general, you can have one or the other between A and mAh…


TokeJuice’s Blueberry Custard (e-Juice Review)

August 12, 2015

Name:  Blueberry Custard, 0.3mg/ml Company:  TokeJuice Website: Review Device:  Unregulated Dual Parallel 18650 “NYAVG Edition” Chump Mod Review RDA:  El Cabron, from CompVape (Black) Review Coil: 5 wraps of [34g KA1 Claptoned over two fused 26g KA1 cores] over a 2.5mm rod (dualed),  0.11 ohms (appx 150W) This was an e-Juice I had been waiting for (what seemed like) a very long time…lol  As with Banana Custard, I was hoping for a simple…