The Vapor Emporium’s Pineapple Custard (Top Shelf Line) (e-Juice Review)

Name:  Pineapple Custard, 0.6mg/ml
Company:  The Vapor Emporium (Top Shelf Custard Line)

Review Device:  Unregulated Dual Parallel 18650 from Good Wood Vapes
Review RDA:  13 Heavens 9 Hells, from CompVape (Brass AFC)
Review Coil: 6 wraps of (24g N80 Core w/ 32g N80 Wrap) Fused Clapton over a 2.5mm rod (dualed),  0.11 ohms (appx 140W)

TVE's Pineapple Custard (Top Shelf Collection, 6MG) with the GoodWoodVapes Parallel Boxmod
TVE’s Pineapple Custard (Top Shelf Collection, 6MG) with the GoodWoodVapes Parallel Boxmod

Pineapple Custard is one of four custard flavors from The Vapor Emporium’s (TVE) “Top Shelf” line.  These four flavors are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg nicotine strengths and distributed in 30ml glass bottles that retail for $19.99.  The review samples were received in 30ml “unicorn”-style plastic bottles.

By far my favorite flavor in the Top Shelf line, the pineapple custard is a very well-balanced combination of two of my favorite flavors – pineapple and vanilla custard.  Neither of the flavors is too overpowering, both dance off of the tongue nicely off of a fused Clapton-style coil on inhale and exhale.  The finish is very clean and smooth.  To me, Pineapple Custard is definitely the star of the Top Shelf line.  Vapor production is outstanding as expected from a higher-VG e-juice.  Throat hit is practically nonexistent and yields a very crisp vape in the 6mg nicotine concentration as reviewed.

I can definitely see this as an enjoyable all-day vape, perhaps except for the price point (which thankfully does include free shipping when ordered directly from TVE).  I hope that TVE starts shipping this juice in larger, more budget-friendly bottles.  It is definitely an enjoyable, high-VG and flavorful e-juice.

Disclaimer:  I received this sample along with its three Top Shelf cousins from The Vapor Emporium at Miami Vapor Expo and received no compensation whatsoever for this review.

Rating:  ˜˜6 (out of 7) stars.  Delicious but somewhat pricey e-Juice.

TVE's Pineapple Custard (Top Shelf Collection, 6MG)
TVE’s Pineapple Custard (Top Shelf Collection, 6MG)