Big Road Trip Day Eight (1/??) – The Dinosaur National Monument

The Dinosaur National Monument – Big Road Trip 2014 Day Eight (1 of ??)

We hadn’t seen enough dinosaurs on this trip.  When we found out there was a National Monument devoted to them, we were in.  It was another beautiful day courtesy of Colorado and Utah.

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  1. That was one long road trip you took. You saw some beautiful US scenery. Thanks for stopping in my home state of Utah. The high desert can be a pretty impressive place.

  2. Thank you for sharing that ! That’s something we’ve missed during our road trip last year, difficult to see everything in one go.. But I regret it now, seeing your pictures !!

    1. I have a tendency to want to see everything with the sun in 3 or 4 various locations, so I can definitely identify. We’re considering this a “scouting trip” in many respects and are already picking out places we’d like to come back and spend a whole week…lol Thank you!

    2. Yeah, some places deserve at least a week, to be able to do hikes and maybe look at the sunrise or the sunset ! I hope you will share the pictures if you go back 😀

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