Big Road Trip Day One – Liberty to North Platte…

OK, so we got something of a late start (which was still better than leaving Saturday), so immediately started deviating from “the plan“…lol.  We scrapped Kansas and headed for Nebraska.

That means new state #1 was Iowa.  Nice.

Welcome to Iowa
Fields and fields of Corn

Iowa was mainly memorable for a “shoe incident”.  Everything was going really well until I hopped out of the Urban Assault Edge Vehicle to snap the above shot with the Tablet…sigh.

My foot fits in here somewhat...
My foot fits in here somewhat…

Needless to say, we went to the backup flip-flops pretty quickly.


We didn’t hang in Iowa long – we’re going to zip through there on the way home if all goes reasonably according to plan.  We made the big left turn to head West and next thing we knew – it was Nebraska.

Welcome to the home of Arbor Day.
Welcome to the home of Arbor Day.

Did I mention that I bonded with Nebraska very quickly and easily?

Somewhere in Nebraska

Whenever I play golf (which hasn’t been in quite a few years honestly…sigh), there is always one shot that “makes me come back”…it’s usually that one perfect shot that I obviously didn’t plan to hit – since it goes 30-40 yards over wherever it’s supposed to go.

Anyhow, with photography, I’m occasionally lucky enough to land one of those “money shots”…everything today was with the phone or tablet (and it shows).  Tomorrow the DSLR comes out and more of our trip will be daytime…plus the rest of the trip is guaranteed to be much more photogenic.

We were lucky enough to catch a Nebraska sunset…and it amazingly seemed to last a few hours.

Shot of the day...Nebraska Sunset
Shot of the day…Nebraska Sunset

Watch out Wyoming and Colorado…we will see you tomorrow…:)