So, we’re taking a little drive in September…(Update 02)

Edit:  This has matured from “thinking about” to “active planning”!  Let us know if you’d like to grab a beverage or share a meal, friends in the upper Midwest and Rockies.

It’s looking like we’re going to be departing on September 5th or 6th…

The car has been rented.  We just need to get from Columbia, Maryland back home this week and I need to grab a new camera…and then we’re off!

It’s been a pretty intense couple of months, but it looks like we’re going to be leaving deep blue Maryland here shortly.  My lovely wife and I are going to drag our crap back to Liberty, MO (home-sweet-flyover country), and recharge for a couple days.

Then, we’re going to go see some stuff for a few weeks.  12 states in…idk, 14 or 15 days…:)

12 States in a Couple Weeks...
12 States in a Couple Weeks…

There’s quite a few places in there I haven’t seen and/or been to.  I doubt we’re going to have much of a plan whatsoever, but stay tuned…this route will no doubt have some spectacular scenery…and we’ll have quite a few camera options.

Here’s the plan we’re working towards as of now:

We’re hoping to hit the road late in the first week of September!

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  1. Is that Manhattan, KS I see marked there? Marked, number 1, is it?

    1. Kansas is state number one, yes. That’s really what those numbers are, counting how many states we’re going to try to hit – I’m sure we will swing by and share a meal or something…:) That’s sadly too short of a first day’s driving I’m guessing though.

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