2014: Year of the Mace [@nancymace] (Originally Posted 1/1/2014)

It’s 2014 (Note: Not really, but I lost a bunch of posts a few years back, and am recovering them now)…and that means control of the Senate is up for grabs again in a few months. America has a choice to make – send the same legislators back to Washington so that they can continue to broker their back-room deals and push for an ever-larger and more expansive nanny state…or go in a new direction. A smaller-Government, almost Reaganesque direction.

South CarolinaOne of my favorite states, South Carolina, is packed with legislative talent. Tim Scott in the Senate…Trey Gowdy and a host of other Republicans in the House. And this other guy…well, who’s just been there in the Senate a little too long or something. Watching Senator Graham continue to support President Obama’s reckless little Syrian misadventure (after his tireless support for the Amnesty…er…immigration reform fiasco), I knew there had to be another way. Seeing reports of Senators McCain and Graham and Etc. heading over to the White House again to schmooze with the President…I’m consistently baffled as to why we have no “opposition party” in Congress.

It seems to me that the current Republican leadership wants to take this massive monstrosity of a “Government” gifted to them by the profligate overspending of the Pelosi/Reid Congresses (with some ‘compassionate conservatism’ thrown in) and use it for their purposes. The right-leaning establishment doesn’t want Government to spend less – they want to spend just what they spent last year (+ 8% or so)…on their stuff. Frankly, that sucks. It’s no wonder they’re in constant conflict with any force that actually wants to shrink Government.

We need new faces and new ideas in Washington. We must cut Government spending, and not this pathetic “cutting the future rate of growth” sequester theater nonsense.

Nancy Mace
Nancy Mace

Luckily, South Carolina has an excellent choice in Nancy Mace, who I’m honored to officially endorse in her challenge to be South Carolina’s Republican candidate for the US Senate:

I believe America is at a tipping point. As Republicans we must decide whether we are another party in favor of big government or to change course and elect leaders who will stand with conviction and restore the principles of limited government outlined in our constitution. As your next Senator, I will always be a voice for liberty, and I will always stand against the oppressive hand of the federal government.

We will not change our nation’s capitol by sending the same people back to DC year after year. We must elect principled leaders who are willing to make tough decisions.

So while I am humbled by the enormity of the task before us. I am heartened by the support of many people who are ready for a new generation of conservative leadership.

We can only change Washington if we change who we send to Washington. America deserves better. South Carolina deserves better.

My family and yours, deserve better. That’s why I’m in this race.

That’s the kind of determination and leadership that South Carolina and America need. Check out her story at http://nancymace.org/