23 Sep 2017. This is the Charlie Sierra. Somewhere. We think. (h/t @defango, @modzbynasy)

What a blur. I just spent a week on the road It started out so well and then my leg seemed like maybe it has a clot in it. Naturally this sort of thing only manifests when you’re literally at the furthest point you’re going to be from home…lol I planned this trip on Saturday, left on Monday, and somehow stuck mostly to the plan…except, ironically, I did everything backwards…


It’s Sunday, so I’m Doing a Post About Our Puppies!

Sunday is now Puppy Day! I really have a ton of puppy pix in my queue – no better time than today.  Please meet our three adorable rescue pups.  We’re not entirely sure what breed any of them are, although we’re pretty sure that all three have some Chihuahua in them…lol This is Star. She was the second to join our little pack.  She’s definitely part Dachshund as well. Here’s…


Hanging out at the #Liberty #AllClassReunion #KCMO – Made a New Friend!

51 Sighting! I’m not sure what kind of bird this even is, but wow…it was a real fight of self-will to keep this from fitting perfectly in MJ’s truck…lol Somehow I contained my excitement and was able to let ol’ #51 hang out and be used at the next reunion. We’ll see if my self-control gets the best of me again next time…:) We also have a lot of history…


In My World – Some Classic Bone-breaking, Tooth-chipping Anthrax from 1990

What a song. I forget about this one from time to time then there’s always a flood of emotion when I hear the words…lol Anthrax…whew.  It’s hard to believe this CD has been out 27 years and a few days now.  It was a must-purchase as soon as it hit stores.  At 20, I had a lot of disposable income for booze, beaches, and certainly Anthrax.  This was probably one…


Picture of the week (plus a Twitter How-to) – 14 Sep 2017 (h/t @MorningDayCafe)

Sometimes, as a photographer, you get lucky. This was one of those times…lol I also recorded a little video introducing Twitter Lists and Tweetdeck. May be interesting to you or someone you know. Talk to you soon! R P.S. Buy a T-shirt (please)…lol

Under Cover Russians T-Shirt

Oops, I let my wife have the camera for a sec…

Did you hear about the one-weed challenge? You can do this one everywhere – not just here in our Hometown of Liberty, Missouri. Here’s some footage of me making good on the challenge premise (and promise). Join me, we can conquer these weeds for a weekend! Details here (click on this set of weeds): Ladies, don’t forget to pick up a UNDER COVER RUSSIAN T-shirt! Or this one for the…

Time spent at Rock and Run Brewery

A Cute Little Story About #Leadership (h/t @RockRunBrewery) #Liberty #KCMO

What a Beautiful Day! It was awesome to help my friend Chris Harris out today and get some pictures of his Walking Tour of Downtown Liberty (presented by the City of Liberty – Jeanine Thill, Community Development Manager).  I am still processing the film (cough) but should have some pictures out of that event soon on my wife’s website, Virtually Liberty.  I was able to throw together a quick GIF…


What cool stuff did you find today?

The Pleasant Valley I had to get out of the house for a little while this morning so did a little wandering.  First, I stumbled onto my new barber (I should say stylist).  On the way to the 35 Freeway here in Liberty, you have to pass through a nice little community known as Pleasant Valley.  This section of road has been torn up for a while – I always…

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