Most Important Post You Read Today? Help Send Lee Stranahan to the Middle East to Interview Syrian Christians!

My friend Lee Stranahan from over at Breitbart (I’m sure you remember Pigford…John Edwards…Steubenville) is volunteering to go over to the Middle East to interview Syrian Christians and try to help all of us get to the bottom of what is actually happening in Syria – not what is being reported by the mainstream sycophantic and complicit Obama media.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama is planning to address America about his plans to attack Syria.

I’m trying to travel to the Middle East next week–just days after Obama’s address–to interview Syrian Christians. I’d like your help in raising travel expenses. 

As I’ve done before with stories like Occupy Wall Street or the Steubenville rape case story, the way to really cover a story is to be there. That’s the only way to really get at the truth.

And the truth of what’s what’s happening in Syria seems to be frightening; the Obama administration is backing the people who are attacking Christians. Already, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee Syria. I want to get their stories.

Lee is a family man, and honestly, that’s the last place I’d like to see anyone running off to right now. The fate of our republic very well may hang in the balance – this is how we consumers of “new media” can help expand its reach and narrow its focus. If you can help, please drop Lee a line at stranahan@gmail.com

I want to get the truth out, as I’ve done on every story I’ve covered. Help me get to where the news is. Thanks for everything you do.

Please check out full details on this expedition here, and thank you my friends and followers:  http://leestranahan.com/pigford-activism-fundraiser/

3 thoughts on “Most Important Post You Read Today? Help Send Lee Stranahan to the Middle East to Interview Syrian Christians!

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    1. realakula51 Post author

      You certainly seem to have an opinion about all of this. I’m not here to be anti- anyone or anything really – except I must admit, what I see your professed political views are. I’m here to stimulate dialogue and have conversations with folks, so it seems like I’ve succeeded in that regard…lol.

      Best of luck in your mission of “fighting the right”. The way I read the tea leaves these days, you and your ever-shrinking minority of folks in your corner will certainly need it as the pendulum cyclically swings back in the other direction.

      Extreme anything is dangerous in these interesting times – left, right, whatever.



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