Orphaned records…split families…reconciliation-mageddon

The entire transaction life cycle just hasn’t been well thought out. It’s as if there was nobody within the carrier community that was even consulted by the powers that are over at various alphabet agencies.

Processing enrollment transactions is a lot more difficult that it appears from 30,000 feet. And with the Federal Exchange reportedly unable to process life events very well…as well as the constantly changing grace periods and due dates, this becomes a reconciliation and remediation nightmare…which is further compounded by the fact folks are still trying to get as many people out the doors to the carriers as is humanly possible. It will easily be the end of the first quarter before many of these exchanges truly are able to comprehend the volume of transactions (correct and incorrect) that were pushed out. The mechanism for fixing a lot of this is a “change” transaction – and yep, that’s probably part of most systems’ “life events” processes.

It is coming as a shock that carriers “do stuff” and actually validate the 834 transactions via strict sets of business rules after saying “it looks ok structure-wise” via a 999 document. The EDI community has been doing this stuff for decades. If competent resources were deployed to manage the transaction life cycle, this really should have been the “easy part” since receiving 834s and reconciling them against the membership within an adjudication system is one of the things that payors do every single day.

Anyhow…Breitbart has a link to an AP report here: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/01/09/Some-find-health-insurers-have-no-record-of-them

2014: Year of the Mace

It’s 2014…and that means control of the Senate is up for grabs again in a few months.  America has a choice to make – send the same legislators back to Washington so that they can continue to broker their back-room deals and push for an ever-larger and more expansive nanny state…or go in a new direction.  A smaller-Government, almost Reaganesque direction.

South CarolinaOne of my favorite states, South Carolina, is packed with legislative talent.  Tim Scott in the Senate…Trey Gowdy and a host of other Republicans in the House.  And this other guy…well, who’s just been there in the Senate a little too long or something.  Watching Senator Graham continue to support President Obama’s reckless little Syrian misadventure (after his tireless support for the Amnesty…er…immigration reform fiasco), I knew there had to be another way.  Seeing reports of Senators McCain and Graham and Etc. heading over to the White House again to schmooze with the President…I’m consistently baffled as to why we have no “opposition party” in Congress.

It seems to me that the current Republican leadership wants to take this massive monstrosity of a “Government” gifted to them by the profligate overspending of the Pelosi/Reid Congresses (with some ‘compassionate conservatism’ thrown in) and use it for their purposes.  The right-leaning establishment doesn’t want Government to spend less – they want to spend just what they spent last year (+ 8% or so)…on *their* stuff.  Frankly, that sucks.  It’s no wonder they’re in constant conflict with any force that actually wants to shrink Government.

We need new faces and new ideas in Washington.  We must cut Government spending, and not this pathetic “cutting the future rate of growth” sequester theater nonsense.

Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace

Luckily, South Carolina has an excellent choice in Nancy Mace, who I’m honored to officially endorse in her challenge to be South Carolina’s Republican candidate for the US Senate:

I believe America is at a tipping point. As Republicans we must decide whether we are another party in favor of big government or to change course and elect leaders who will stand with conviction and restore the principles of limited government outlined in our constitution. As your next Senator, I will always be a voice for liberty, and I will always stand against the oppressive hand of the federal government.

We will not change our nation’s capitol by sending the same people back to DC year after year. We must elect principled leaders who are willing to make tough decisions.

So while I am humbled by the enormity of the task before us. I am heartened by the support of many people who are ready for a new generation of conservative leadership.

We can only change Washington if we change who we send to Washington. America deserves better. South Carolina deserves better.

My family and yours, deserve better. That’s why I’m in this race.

That’s the kind of determination and leadership that South Carolina and America need.  Check out her story at http://nancymace.org/

Christmas Pie!

Happiest of New Years to All!

2013 is firmly in the rearview mirror.  And good riddance…

I had quite a few ‘ups’ in 2013, and naturally the requisite quite a few ‘downs’, making it roughly par for the last few years.  My wonderfully amazing wife and I started the year (with about a third of our stuff) living in Coral Gables, Florida (Go Canes!).  We blinked in late October and Blam! – we were starting the process of unpacking in Liberty, Missouri.  My cel died mid-move, which was only semi-problematic as I spent most of October halfway serious about plotting my departure from a career in healthcare IT.  At some point, we managed to get the internet up and running…and sigh…there it was in my e-mail:

“When can you start?”

I managed to avoid the maelstrom of PP/ACA implementation projects until November 2013…sigh.

Healthcare data interface architecture is where my career has taken me and it certainly seems there will be no end to the challenges presented by many of these disastrous Obamacare “rollouts”.  I don’t think I’ll get to retire the “ANSI X12 EDI SME” albatross for a few more years.  It’s still a really good time to know that responsible parties show up in 2100G loops within syntactically correct ANSI ASC X12 v005010 834 transactions…lol  A few folks out there know what I mean.

Twenty Fourteen is here, and that means I’m writing more on my blog.  It’s not a resolution or anything per se, so hopefully that helps my chances of making it happen.  I really think America has an interesting year in front of it as we start the long march towards 2016 and beyond.  I have some unique perspectives on throwing formatted data back and forth between organizations…so I expect there will be some of that in addition to the normal politics and etc.

2014 is going to kick ass because we’re going to make it kick ass.  Conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists…Americans…are waking up knowing what the last few years have meant for our Republic.  It’s going to be a hard year to stay positive…but it sure seems like a whole lot of America is waking up to the reality that in the end it’s all of us vs. a government that thinks it’s too big to fail.

Best of luck in all your 2014 endeavors.

* We tried, but the pie just didn’t make it to the new year.  Thanks to my lovely wife for the pic, at least we have that.


Catholicism – WOW. (No, for real…)

Seriously, though.  This was all a great big joke that I played gleefully along with when it made the plot of Dogma make a lot more sense.

Catholicism, WOW.  Wanna know the difference between Christianity (well, specifically in this case Catholicism) and Islam?  Check out how they feel about non-believers.

Francis wrote: “You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God’s mercy has no limits if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart. The issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience.

“Sin, even for those who have no faith, exists when people disobey their conscience.”

Sin exists when people disobey their conscience. That’s amazing stuff.  Be true to yourself.  Do the next right thing. Help your fellow man, and the Catholic Kingdom of Heaven might even be open to you if you don’t believe.

What do radical Muslims believe again?  Hmmm…

Robert Mickens, the Vatican correspondent for the Catholic journal The Tablet, said the pontiff’s comments were further evidence of his attempts to shake off the Catholic Church’s fusty image, reinforced by his extremely conservative predecessor Benedict XVI. “Francis is a still a conservative,” said Mr Mickens. “But what this is all about is him seeking to have a more meaningful dialogue with the world.”

More meaningful dialogue.  Wow.  that’s a message of hope, a message of peace, a message of tolerance.

Even to these N/A-theist ears…


It might be funny, if our future wasn’t at stake. Obama says Iran shouldn’t misinterpret U.S. response to Syria

Golly…what in our “foreign policy” is there to misinterpret?  How else can you read those tea leaves?

“ Mr. Putin and I have strong disagreements on a whole range of issues,” Obama said. “But I can talk to him. We have worked together on important issues.. . .This is not the Cold War. This is not a contest between the United States and Russia.”

Obama plans to pivot back to a focus on the economy this week ahead of major fiscal battles in Congress, and he said he could change the direction of the economy—including the upward path of inequality—if Congress would let him.

The President of the United Teenage States?

He can’t pivot to jobs because he has no clue how to create them.  He can’t pivot to an economy he’s never played a productive part within. The comedy – it writes itself…and this, my friends, is from the Praetorian Guard itself, Pravda on the Potomac… Full Washington Post story:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/obama-says-iran-shouldnt-misinterpret-us-response-to-syria/2013/09/15/fd6f27cc-1e05-11e3-8459-657e0c72fec8_print.html


Thank you so much – 1500 friends on Twitter, on my 120th day

I kinda had a goal in mind, and it was really nice to hit it tonight.

To all of the folks that found me here off twitter – or vice versa – or have been long time friends from Facebook – thank you.  Thank you for the conversation, the laughs, the support, the “like”s and the kind thoughts and words.  You make it all worth doing.

it only gets better from here…:)

1500 Friends

1500 Friends

SS-N-19 Launch from Pyotr Veliky

SS-N-12s and SS-N-19s and SS-N-22s (all Bears) – Oh My!

Well… I must admit, I don’t know a whole lot about much anymore when it comes to first rate naval warfare…I’m coming up to speed after having a firm foundation grounded in many late nights playing Harpoon! growing up.

We spent countless hours pouring over Soviet Military Power, Jane’s Fighting Ships, and basically used the navies of the world as an elaborate template for arguing over the myriad complexities (even back then) of modern naval warfare.  From convergence zones to ECM, ECCM, ASW, ASuW, AAW, if there was an acronym, there was a rule, and that was something to exploit,  We disagreed often.

But one thing always remained true – an SS-N-12 or an SS-N-19 hitting something – anything – was very, very bad.  Let’s put this into some perspective, folks.


P-1000 Vulkan (SS-N-12 Sandbox, Upgraded)

OK.  Yeah, that thing.  those big tubes on the front of Moskva (sixteen of them) carry something like that.  Here’s a picture of Marshal Ustinov, his sister ship (yeah, I think the Russians still call their ships “he”.  guess it’s a brother ship).


Marshal Ustinov, Norfolk Harbor, 1989

Sixteen of those puppies (the guy tapped on them to show they were empty…something of a hollow gesture…lol). They weigh just over 10,000 pounds, and they carry a 2200 pound high explosive warhead.

Did I mention the best part?  Oh yeah, they move from place to place at Mach 2.5+.  We in the West went a different route, choosing slower and harder to detect cruise missiles with smaller warheads in the Harpoon and Tomahawk – these (and their kin the aptly named SS-N-19 Shipwreck which will be lurking on Oscar-class SSGNs and elsewhere…) these things…well, they make shit happen.  We didn’t have to kill carriers – or if we did, they were to be overwhelmed with Tomahawks and Harpoons and Hornets…made sense. Back then the Soviets had CIWS and all, but nothing like an Aegis phased array.

Imagine one of those 1000kg warheads, coupled with some unclear ROI and no objectives in an EW-rich and chaotic environment full of folks with nothing to lose like the Middle East.  Forget a carrier – what if someone accidentally lets one lose (or a Harpoon or Exocet or whatever for that matter)  and plinks off an LNG tanker?


15 bottles of beer on the wall, 15 bottles…

Oh.  Yeah.  Why is this new-found obsession with Russian cruise missiles so important?  It’s from RT, so I’m sure Mr. Putin contributed a few adjectives himself…a grain of salt must be taken.

The Russian Navy said in a statement that the Moskva cruiser passed through the Straits of Gibraltar on September 10.

Interfax news agency added that the Moskva cruiser, “commanded by Sergey Tronev, Captain 1st Rank of the Guards… has enough room for maneuver now.”

“The Black Sea flagship entered the Russian Navy’s area of responsibility in the Mediterranean at 11:00 pm Moscow time yesterday,” the agency reported a military source as saying.

The missile-carrying cruiser is expected to join its final destination in eastern Mediterranean on September 15 or 16.

Upon arrival, the command of the Russian Navy unit in the Mediterranean, currently stationed onboard the Admiral Panteleyev anti-submarine ship, will be relocated to the Moskva.

“The armaments and technical equipment of the missile cruiser are in working condition. The crew is ready to perform combat missions,” the source said.

Missile cruiser "Moskva" belonging to Russia's Black Sea Fleet firing anti-aircraft missiles during joint drills with other fleets. (RIA Novosti/Vitaliy Ankov)Missile cruiser “Moskva” belonging to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet firing anti-aircraft missiles during joint drills with other fleets. (RIA Novosti/Vitaliy Ankov)

The missile cruiser, initially known to Western naval intelligence as “Slava” (Glory), was launched in 1979 and entered service in 1983. It was later renamed the “Moskva” in 1995. Designed to be carrier-killers, the cruisers of Class 1164 are equipped with 16 anti-ship launchers P-1000 Vulkan, or Volcano (SS-N-12 Sandbox anti-ship missiles, according to NATO classification).

Shit Status:  Sigh…  Whole Story:  http://rt.com/news/russia-moskva-cruiser-mediterranean-720/


WHITEWASH: State could have fired employees over Benghazi, says Pickering

Could have. Probably all but were directed to, so they didn’t. Perhaps because they were all involved, and I suspect if the higher-ups hadn’t covered for these folks, they would have started talking.

Despicable, but I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute.  Human nature remains uniquely human.

The State Department could have fired two employees over last year’s terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, the chairman of the independent panel that investigated the crime told The Hill

“Our report recommended two people should leave their jobs, nothing more, nothing less,” former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, the chairman of the Accountability Review Board, told The Hill in an e-mail.

 Asked if that meant firing or reassignment, he said “either,” but that it was “up to the Department of State.”

“We left open their staying on in the Department,” Pickering said.

The department instead announced last month that it has reassigned the two employees, along with two others who were also faulted by the panel but weren’t singled out for disciplinary action.

So sad where the MostTransparentAdministrationEver™ has led us.  Whole story:  http://globalclarity.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/state-could-have-fired-employees-over-benghazisays-pickering/


Just when you thought Syria had distracted everyone away from the IRS Scandal…OOPS!

Hey fellow taxpayer – I’m sure we’re still paying this lying scrunt’s salary.  And if you’re a conservative like me, she targeted us to suppress our vote in the last election.  Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t.  I know I was out there, but if it affected one person in a few dozen…just made them less likely to give a shit…well, that’s how elections are stolen.

In a February 2011 email, Ms. Lerner advised her staff—including then Exempt Organizations Technical Manager Michael Seto and then Rulings and Agreements director Holly Paz—that a Tea Party matter is “very dangerous,” and is something “Counsel and [Lerner adviser] Judy Kindell need to be in on.” Ms. Lerner adds, “Cincy should probably NOT have these cases.”

That’s a different tune than the IRS sang in May when former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller said the agency’s overzealous enforcement was the work of two “rogue” employees in Cincinnati. When the story broke, Ms. Lerner suggested that her office had been unaware of the pattern of targeting until she read about it in the newspaper. “So it was pretty much we started seeing information in the press that raised questions for us, and we went back and took a look,” she said in May.

Liars lie. No immunity. She and everyone that enabled and/or directed her conduct, behavior and actions need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Whole Story: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324549004579068914192280866.html


So many lists, so little time. Collusion by the media to suppress so much FAIL.

This guy has a decent set of 20 scandals, most if not all of which require explanation if nothing else.  This is at least 20 Pulitzer Prizes just waiting to be collected after the research is done and the stories are written.  But no…the fourth estate has so long ago become the fifth column.

…the Obama Administration has been scandal after scandal, several of which have exploded onto headlines within weeks after he was reelected to a second term in November. Many, sad to say, were either not covered by the so-called media or dropped after a few days.

Check his perspective out here:  http://richardbleuze.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/top-obama-scandals-that-we-know-of-since-media-do-not-cover/